This will be where I provide a regular update on my motivations for this blog:

Sunday 26th February 2017

I am humbly grateful that this blog is receiving likes and followers – thank you so much for your support. I have not personally shared this blog with my Facebook friends and family yet because I wanted to get the blog running with enough posts to demonstrate the bigger ideas that I cannot utilise in academia. In fact, beyond my closest people, no one else knows I went back to university. I suppose after the failures of the last few years, I wanted to achieve something first then announce it, rather than announce I am going to do something then end up not being able to.

My latest post Superheroes and Society was harder to write and finalise than I had anticipated. Perhaps it is a relatively new interest and I do not yet have enough knowledge to write with confidence. I assumed that because it is one of my strong interests, the ideas would flow as naturally as my other posts but maybe this will come with time as it is a relatively new interest.

My previous posts that focused my thoughts on Research and the Dichotomy of Normality served as an outpouring of frustrated thoughts that I had not had chance to articulate – at least in this form. Sometimes I feel as though I could argue the points until I am blue in the face and it would not make the slightest difference in this Post Truth era. Despite that negativity, I do insist on continuing for no other reason than to give up is to accept defeat. I will not let ‘alternative facts’ win.

There is so much more I want to write about; time, existence, purpose, destiny, and exotic science are just a few possibilities. Politics, spirituality, and behavioural issues are going to be the next topics I discuss – maybe not all at once as each have almost limitless debate to sort through.

When I write, I am literally just typing my thoughts as they flow – a tactic I learnt through over a decade of keeping private diaries and using this silent expression of thought to order my thoughts and battle my way through the turmoil of emotions. Logic is not perfect but at least sentences have structure.

I have noticed that shorty after posting I will always come across another blog, or a news article that discusses the topic I had focused on. Sometimes they are posted before I post mine but I always seem to read them afterwards. This was how I came to understand philosophy in my first year of university. I do not have to read a particular text to learn an idea if it describes something that I could possibly experience prior to knowledge of that particular piece of writing.

The ideas are what is important not who wrote them. It is important to give credit for ideas where they are due but this does not mean that the person credited for the discovery owns the ideas – Ideas are meant for everyone.

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