A lover of Wisdom


Knowledge is one of my central preoccupations. I often describe it as an unquenchable curiosity about the world which manifests from a lack of understanding. Did I develop a philosophical perspective because I am autistic? It is difficult to disentangle the fundamental aspects of my existence. Perhaps the question is itself the answer.


I knew I was a philosopher before I knew I was autistic – yet I have been autistic from birth. Does this mean that I have been a philosopher from birth? What does it mean to be a philosopher?


Academia was created by people who endlessly question and seek the answers. Philosophers enhance our understanding of existence. The pursuit of knowledge improves ethical values and reason while increasing the utility of our mind and language. Philosophers are quite literally lovers of knowledge. I truly do love to learn.


As a discipline that encompasses such broad concepts, there are many branches of philosophy.


My own interests include:


Eliminative Materialism – Common concepts of the mind are false.
Epistolary – Collections of Letters or Diaries.
Epistemology – Theory of Knowledge.
Existentialism – Individuals are responsible, free thinking and acting.
Hermeneutics – Theory of the Interpretation of Literacy.
Intersectionality – Interconnected nature of ethnicity, class, and gender.
Intersubjectivity – Psychological relations between people.
Neurodiversity – Autism is a natural variation of the Human Mind.
Ontology – Nature of Being, Existence, or Reality (Metaphysics).
Orchestrated Objective Reduction – Quantum theory for consciousness.
Phenomenology – Reality as perceived by human consciousness.
Qualia – Individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.
Rockwell’s Nexus – Alternative to the Mind-Brain Identity Theory.


The physical and human sciences all derive from philosophy. The expression of what we know and how we express our minds are entangled with how we acquire knowledge. The particular areas of knowledge that I love to explore are:


Ancient History
Popular Culture


I have an interest in most things because philosophy underpins the entirety of the intellectual advancement of humanity.


This means that I understand more about the universe above my head than a person who is right in front of me.


I can explain my experience in terms of the philosophical implications, but not express how it makes me feel.


Someone could look at me with either love or hate in their eyes and I wouldn’t know the difference.


When my back is against the wall because society descends into chaos – I am reminded that even amongst the ashes – an ember remains.


Elpis still exists on butterfly wings.


No Pithos will contain it.


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