Across a bridge that exists between kismet and karma.


During the first seminar I ever attended at university, the course leader asked the room to give an example of a philosophical statement or question. No one spoke for a moment and I had just spent the previous year in a teaching role. So without fear, I raised my hand and spoke: “Everything happens for a reason?” The course leader didn’t hesitate in her reply: “But does everything that happens have to have a reason?” I was transfixed and stunned into silence. That moment –  that instant I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. I have always been a philosopher. I just had to prove it.

From learning astrology and the arts of divination when I was eight –  to discovering inverted qualia by questioning the blue of the sky to the green of the tree I was sat under when I was 14 – I have always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge that only grows with each passing year. Despite heading into a purely scientific field, I find that I still circle around and through the emotional knowledge of spirituality. It helps balance the confusing social world with all the conflicting and contradicting feelings I am bombarded with constantly.

Whoever said that autistic people lack empathy clearly are not autistic themselves. Admittedly, sometimes I feel nothing when I ought to but often the opposite is also true. I pick up on more than I am supposed to and feel deeply each emotion. I cannot control this any more than I can control the weather – but I can prepare for it.

Unfortunately, my usual coping mechanism is to shut down. This has more disadvantages that I can list but was sufficient while I was leaning to understand it more. Now that I am more open with who I am and what I have experienced, my lack of social skill is astounding – at least from my own perspective.

I learnt to cope with trauma by believing that the reason it happened was to learn. I am starting to wonder whether or not it appears this way retrospectively due to willfully and purposely choosing to learn from situations I had little control over. Who can truly choose the circumstances of their birth? Does it then follow that you cannot choose the direction of your life?

The notion of destiny implies that all actions are predetermined. There is no free will when the future is written. We all just act out scripts that are prewritten by some higher being that is superior in every way. If something tragic happens – it was meant to be.

Karmic debt can be reduced through good deeds and the active engagement in self-improvement. The idea that we can improve our life changes by the right actions, or avoidance of the wrong ones, insinuates that we are always aware of the consequences of our actions.

I am at the threshold of fulfilling my purpose – the whole reason why I think the way I do. The funny thing about belief is that it becomes true through the reinforcement of ideas that align. Yet – I am a walking contradiction in many ways. My beliefs are fluid depending upon the information I attain.

Do I believe in kismet and karma? The fact that the question cannot be asked like: “Do you know about kismet and karma?” shows how little is known about these concepts. They remain vague and untested scientifically. Science is not without its dogma of course, but it is a useful tool for determining the ontology of reality.

The interesting thing about kismet and karma is that they are a perceptual aspect of the human experience. Each individual would experience it differently. Some will understand some religious teachings, and others would reject the concept entirely. This is not unexpected – if it could be argued that reality exists on the quantum spectrum.

We are looking for ways to unite general relativity with quantum mechanics. The reality that humans perceive is what sits between these two. If it is possible for different dimensions to exist in the physical world, then why not the social one too?

I realised the other day that the reoccurring thoughts that I have, which play out social interaction, could have a purpose in the quantum realm. They are possibilities that do not come to fruition. Perhaps the very act of role-playing interaction within the mind prevents it occurring in the physical world.

We are the connection between the tiny microscopic world we cannot perceive and the vast endless cosmos that we can barely comprehend. The social dimension – the one that autistic people like myself struggle with – is a part of the mind. The nexus of consciousness is barely acknowledged or known outside a small branch of philosophy of mind – yet it is the only non-dualist alternative that is conceivable.

The bridge between kismet and karma is where humanity resides unaware of its existence. It is the superposition of causal determination and autonomy. It exists in the physical quantum realm that extends throughout the mind.

We still have a long way to go before we truly understand the quantum realm enough to understand its consequences on the human mind. Regrettably, we are suffering because of this lack of knowledge.








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